Axis IP-Surveillance technology offers more cost-efficient, future-proof solutions that bridge the technological gap between the analog and digital worlds. Axis network camera and video server solutions are ideal for sharing high-quality video streams over existing computer networks.
Superior to analog video solutions, Axis IP-Surveillance means reliable and distributed access or recording of high-quality digital images.

Some of the product features that can be used in your application include:
alarm motion detection
e-mail notification
audio recording
analog video
output Pan/Tilt/Zoom control
full stream video

Facility security: How it can be done
A cost-efficient way to enhance security in a building/factory/hospital/campus is to use the existing infrastructure:
During the day, security guards watch the monitor in the control room
At night and weekends, surveillance can be performed remotely at a
central monitoring station serving several companies
Built-in motion-detection can trigger an alarm and start recording
In case of an alarm, the security manager can view the from the
nearest PC in the building or remotely from any PC connected to the
Internet. The police can remotely follow what is going on in the building

The images can either be stored at a computer in the building and/or at a host
computer at an ISP. Storing images at remote locations eliminates the risk that the
intruder will destroy the evidence.

Outdoor Colour, Pan and Tilt, US$ call
Outdoor Colour US$ call
Outdoor Black & White, Infrared US$ call
Indoor Colour US$ call
Audio Module US$ call
Wireless Transceiver US$ call (can also be used with iSurf Service)

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