GPS Vehicle, Trailer & Marine Vessel Tracking

Need to local your vehicle immediately, if it missing?
Wondering if your employees are using your vehicles for personal use?
Concerned if your teenager is driving recklessly or wondering about where they are going?
Need a travel history of your limos, taxis, buses or other commercial vehicles?

How? Simply from the Internet or by calling our local support number
• Designed for Guyana and the Caribbean
• Uses detailed mapping from Google Earth
• Includes internal lithium battery pack and can connect to vehicle 12 volt power supply
• Customize location updates from a second up to 30 minutes


Real Time Tracking Service Package
1000 positions per month USD $ 35 per month (avg. $1.15 per day)
3000 positions per month USD $ 68 per month (avg. $2.23 per day)
Unlimited positions per month USD $134 per month (avg. $4.40 per day)

• Service will commence within up to 3 weeks after full payment
• All service pricing is based on a 1 year agreement and paid quarterly in advance
• Includes FOL’s Technical Support and Alerting Assistance


Effective Vehicle, Trailer & Marine Vessel Tracking

A successful tracking system is all about reducing costs in order to increase revenues. The right system should do the following:

Reduce cargo theft
Reduce insurance costs
Reduce dispatcher inefficiencies
Improve trailer utilization ratio

Options Available: (all with automated alerts)
Cargo sensors
Temperature sensors
Door sensors
Tire inflation sensors
Coupling sensor
Ignition kill switch
Diesel injection kill switch



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